Basic Burlesque Dance Moves You Should Know

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Burlesque Dance

If you want to learn burlesque dance and are not sure where to start from, you’ve come to the right place!
Here are few basic moves of Burlesque to get you started with.

The showgirl stance: The bevel

Before beginning any performance, when you present yourself in front of the audience, you should know how to keep a perfect stance to attract them. This pose is something that teaches you how to stand boldly in front of an audience.

The Bounce

You may make this move with or without supports by bopping your hip. Take a step to the side with your body. Try bouncing your weight into your heel and back out as you move your hip to generate a bopping motion.

The Shimmy

The Shimmy

A shimmy is a simple burlesque move that involves the use of your shoulders and upper torso. Bring both the shoulders up towards your ear and down fast, alternating between your left and right to start shimmying. Then, while shaking your shoulders, slowly tilt your upper body back and forth. Bend your elbows while shimmying, and keep your arms outstretched slightly to maintain an open and inviting stance.

The Grind

The grind is a popular burlesque motion since it’s simple to execute, and audiences love it! Slowly rotate your hips and pelvis backward and forwards in a circular manner. That’s all you have to do!

The Dancer walk

A strut is a fantastic method to walk around the stage in a beautiful and exciting way! Strut by walking forward slowly and steadily while pointing your toes. To emphasize your hip movements, take slow, collected steps and virtually cross one leg in front of the other as you walk. Make sure your back is straight, your shoulders are back, and your chest is elevated as you walk.

Leg down hair flip

Extend one leg in front of your body, keeping it straight and toes pointing. Bend forward and try to contact your outstretched leg’s toes, then quickly raise your upper body from your waist. Draw back your head so that your hair flies over your face and into the air as you run your palm up to your leg towards your thigh.

Leg down hair flip

Three stop turn

For a burlesque-style turn, spin as you move forward. Strut ahead and then add a twist while walking. Stretch one leg outwards and point your toes toward the floor when you’ve completed a full round. Then, keeping your toes pointed, quickly move your knee up towards your hip and down to draw your foot up, as if teasing the floor.

Caress your body

You should be able to feel your body when performing burlesque dancing. Feel the dance by moving your hands about your body.

The showgirl smile

The showgirl smile

Without a good smile, any performance is incomplete. The audience will not appreciate you having a grim expression on your face during the performance. So retain a smile on your face throughout the performance to make it more visually appealing to the audience.

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