The World’s 5 Hottest Burlesque Stars

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Burlesque Stars

Burlesque comes from the Spanish and Italian word “Burla,” which means to mock, joke, or trick. Initially, men were involved in the burlesque activity. But recently woman has given more momentum in the field. Today the burlesque stars are known for their art.

Let’s look at the top 5 hottest burlesque artists around the world.

1 Californian Courtney Cruz

A renowned dancer from 2002, Courtney Cruz is rated as the hottest Burlesque star in the world. She stands unique from other burlesque stars as she has been experimenting with her performances. She recently tried the Science fiction theme on the stage. Now she is engaging with burlesque Fashion walks and Producing her concerts and shows.

She is also awarded as the Los Angeles best performance of the year. She has various admirers all around the world. It is said that one of her fans has designed a tattoo on the arms of the star.

2. Betty Page

Known as the queen of the Pinups, betty page is a star to the world. She started her career as a model for mail delivery costumes. Her blue eye soon catches the attention of the burlesque world, and she left modeling.

Betty Page

She is one of the most respected burlesque dancers as she gave a new favor to fashion and had a tremendous influence on society. She has contributed to the fashion industry, television shows, video games, and comics. She has also worked on various music albums and movies. Her initial dream was to become an actress in new york city, but she grew eventually. She suffered a heart attack and died in the year 2008.

3. Legs Malone

Now a burlesque teacher, producer, and advocate was the most popular Performer of her time. She traveled around the world to showcase her talent. She started her career as burlesque at the London’s Whoopee Club in 2006. She has served the stage all over the years and now is contributing to different lives. She is working in the field of healing arts practitioner and also has been officiating weddings.

Legs Malone

She currently runs her academy, where she transforms life through burlesque. She believes that parody once gave her a chance to change her life, and now she can give a many out there.

4. Suicide Girls

Found by Selena Mooney in the year 2001, suicide girl is an international troupe. The troop is known to transform the burlesque culture—the infusion of pop with indie soundtracks and tongue-in-cheek fun si the new trend by suicide girls.

The troop has performed in Thailand, Canada, Australia, and various other counties and returned with more flame. The girls are the new trend and are ranked 4th on the hotness list.

Suicide Girls

5. Jo Weldon

Apart from the stage, Jo Weldon has contributed even outside the set. She is written a book on the art of burlesque and has also established her academy in new york city.

She has established the academy and has been contributing ever since. She has also written a guide and a handbook on the art of burlesque. She stands 5th on the list.

This list can never be rated because every artist is on the top with their contribution.

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