Welcome To Class 101 – Simple Moves For A Burlesque Dancer

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Burlesque Dancer

Today’s class will learn six basic moves that will make you a bright burlesque dancer. So let’s begin. Shake your legs and move your hands; step on the dance floor, and you are ready.

1. Try the hip hoop

The first beginner’s primary step is hip-hop. A hip hooping is the ever-green move for a burlesque dancer. Try hip hop with or without props. Keep one leg a step forward on your toes, keeping your knee bent. Move your hip up and downshift your weight on the legs. Match the beat of the music and keep grooving.

If you are using a prop, use your hands to hold the prop. If you are performing without a prop, then bend your elbow and place it on your hip.

2. Move your shoulder


The second movie that we will try is the shimmer. A shimmy move is a fun element of the burlesque routine. Move your shoulder forward and back to give it a shimmy look. Another play with you should be moving your shoulders up and down.

Dancers can add various alternatives to the dance move. Play with your legs or tilt your body forward and back.

3. Create a circle

The third movement that we will learn today is the hip circle. This move is one of the popular basic moves that anyone can perform. Slowly rotate your hip in a circular motion. Tight your gut and move it behind you, bending forward.

You can create various moves for this move. Bend your knees or bend forward. If you can take it off, bend backward. Keep your arms open and rotate your wrist or place them on the hip.

4. The walk

The walk

The fourth and the most used move is the walk. It can be used as a filler in the performance Walk around the stage as if you own the set or a fashion walk. Cross one leg in front of the other, and keep repeating. Move slow and steady to look sexy or move fast to showcase confidence. Exaggerate your hips while moving. Ensure you show your spirit through the walk, and don’t forget to look sexy.

5. The hair flip

The next move for the lessons is the hair flip. Place one leg forward and keep the other backward. Ensure there is one arm distance between both the legs. Keep your legs straight and bend forward to touch the toes. Then quickly move to the back, flipping your hair.

The hair flip is a classic end move, and dancers can showcase your seducing smile to the audience.

6. Use a chair


The chair move will be our last move for the evening. The chair is one of the classic props that one can use while dancing. One can simply set it on the chair or push it back, giving out a confident look.


One of the most classic moves with the chair is the leg crossover. One can stand near the chair and lean forward, resting your palm on the chair. Next, lift one leg in the air. The move will showcase your curves and make you look stunning.

That’s it for today. We will see you in another class.

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