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Skin Tight Outta Sight

Experience the fierce and fabulous shows by the stunning showgirls. The glamour bombshells have been making history with their pop, punk, pin-up glamour over some years now. We are unapologetically innovative.

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Burlesque Troupes Entertainment Group

We are a top burlesque performance group. We bring forward to you the inspiration, dazzle, and entertainment of the burlesque for the whole world to witness and revel in it. Our showgirls specialize in a variety of award-winning burlesque that will take your breathe away.

Electric Performances With Red Hot Choreography

Electrifying performances with the most tempting choreography is what we offer at our shows. Our showgirls are the best dancers from all over the world. Tap your feet with them.

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Spice Up Your Event With Fire, Glitz & Glamour

Are you out of ideas to spice up your event? Just a pinch of burlesque for a fiery and glamour ridden evening which will be the talk of the town for a long time to come.

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Reclaim Burlesque For The Female
Empowerment It Should Be

Burlesque celebrates feminity. It expresses a female-centric generation. The sizzle and
the dazzle of the performances make a bomb of a party.

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Burlesque Dance

Why Woman Should Try Burlesque Dance At Least Once

Are you worried about your body? Are you not getting a chance to perform because of how your body looks? If you really want to dance, give it a try ...
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Toronto Burlesque

Toronto Burlesque Festival

What is Burlesque Dancing? According to the dictionary, Burlesque performance art that becomes vulgar or disrespectful to upper-class arrogance to elicit laughter from the audience. To summarise what Burlesque was ...
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Burlesque Stars

The World’s 5 Hottest Burlesque Stars

Burlesque comes from the Spanish and Italian word “Burla,” which means to mock, joke, or trick. Initially, men were involved in the burlesque activity. But recently woman has given more ...
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Burlesque Dance

Basic Burlesque Dance Moves You Should Know

If you want to learn burlesque dance and are not sure where to start from, you've come to the right place! Here are few basic moves of Burlesque to get ...
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Burlesque Troupes

10 Best Burlesque Troupes And Venues

When you hear the word "Burlesque," images of glamour, glamour, theatre, humor, body positivity, freedom of expression and striptease come to mind. We've curated a list for you to enjoy ...
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Burlesque Dancer

Welcome To Class 101 – Simple Moves For A Burlesque Dancer

Today’s class will learn six basic moves that will make you a bright burlesque dancer. So let’s begin. Shake your legs and move your hands; step on the dance floor, ...
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“I love their shows. It is full of colour, glamour and grandeur. I feel good to be a woman. It makes me feel so powerful.”

Maria A Kaplan

“They are the best. I love their satirical take on life.”

Patrick W Parmer

“I attend their shows whenever possible. The girls are lovely and hard-working.”

Pedro D Reynolds

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