10 Best Burlesque Troupes And Venues

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Burlesque Troupes

When you hear the word “Burlesque,” images of glamour, glamour, theatre, humor, body positivity, freedom of expression and striptease come to mind.

We’ve curated a list for you to enjoy the best Burlesque shows along with the venues.

Naughty Little Cabaret

The well-known Naughty Little Cabaret is a hidden coop found in the basement of Original Mother’s on Rush Street. A show hosted and produced by Rob Racine will drive you to find an excuse and plan a wonderful and wild bachelorette party.

The program organizes a variety of acts to entertain their guests, with a focus on naughty acts that are typical of it.

Naughty Little Cabaret
The Vertical Side Show

The vertical sideshow, created by Chicago boylesque legend Ray Gunn, is a burlesque and variety presentation with much dramatic gravitas that happens once a month at The Pimp, an exclusive club in Bangkok,  Thailand   Burlesque and boylesque routines, variety acts, and some incredible duets are all part of the show. With a variety of hand balancers and contortionists, singers, and feverishly frenetic full-troupe group performances, this is a production that makes everyone in the audience feel like they’re a part of it.

Original Tease

Are you up for an excellent ol’ fashioned, balanced nightclub burlesque show? Original tease is the place where you can experience it all. A concert where you can enjoy a traditional, vintage, and neo-burlesque show performed by an uncommon vocalist or mimics. Get ready for the event between 9:30 p.m. and just after midnight at one of the Lincoln Tap Room’s basic venues.

Unbridled at Untitled

Unbridled, a burlesque and cabaret spectacle gets the closest to reproducing the classy supper club atmosphere of an old Cary Grant film. The top-shelf beverages, wide-open ambiance, and in-the-round seating arrangement at Untitled contribute to creating the proper environment for this kind of revue, even if the patrons aren’t dressed up. The cabaret-style show emphasizes burlesque, with top-tier ecdysiasts with fire twirlers, grinder acts, and gymnastics. It’s also a big production, with three sets stretching out across the entire night.


Burlesco, like a Tom Waits lyric, comes to life, serves up hot burlesque, roughneck music, and a carnivalesque atmosphere, all infused with the lovely lingering aroma of barbecue. Most Burlesco acts begin with the blade-twirling daredevil antics of the world-renowned juggler. This outfit offers live music for the following improvised burlesque event, coordinated by Ray Sunshine and featuring Chicago favorites like Po’Chop.


Allow empowered performers like Les Femmes Fatales, who regularly perform at this Little Italy institution, to enchant you. Kitty Night Toronto, a burlesque event held every second Saturday of the month, is also held at Revival.

Painted Lady

This little bar hosts variously themed and cultural events, but its Funk’n’Soul Burlesque night may be the spiciest. At this Ossington tavern, the bartop dancer is more of a sideshow than the main attraction, but she could still be a distraction when trying to get a drink.

Social Capital Theatre

At this comedy bar on the Danforth, enjoy a classy burlesque performance. For those who desire to engage their senses in a fancy way, the Highbrow Burlesque show takes place once a month.

See Scape

See Space is a gaming club and a safe haven for geeky trans people, as it is home to the Nerd Girl Burlesque troupe from Toronto. While watching them perform, you’ll forget about the games you’re playing. Spare some time and enjoy their show every second Friday of the month, in the Junction.


Reveal Me, a monthly event featuring a mix of burlesque newcomers also referred to as “virgins” and more veteran performers takes place in the rear room of this Queen West staple.

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